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Dozens of protestors showed up yesterday to demonstrate against suggestions that Bali should promote Sharia tourism.

It comes in the wake of a statement made by the Chairman of Islamic Economic Society (MES), Muliaman D Hadad after inaugurating the management of MES Bali.

“Bali fits, in my opinion, why not? Seven million domestic tourists came to Bali this year, in addition to three million foreigners. There might be a businessman here who have introduced the idea of [sharia tours],” Hadad said.

Governor Pastika disagreed in a statement to parliament, he said it had the potential to be disruptive.

Police were called to secure the protests yesterday which saw dozens of students show up at the DPRD offices yesterday, some wearing masks and carrying placards protesting the suggestion.

Chairman of the Student Union Hindu Dharma Indonesia, Bagus Ketut Arjana, said, the purpose of the mass deployment of dozens of their members was held to reject sharia tourism development on the island.

“According to our members, it is not suitable for sharia tourism to be developed in Bali because it does not comply with local wisdom. Bali already has its own culture that is famous around the world and will not be changed,” said Arjana.

The protestors were eventually lead into the council chambers where they were able to meet with members to register their protests.

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